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Health Tip: Before You Run a Marathon

(HealthDay News) — Before you accept the challenge of running a marathon, it’s important to make sure you and your body are prepared, says Rush University Medical Center.

The school provides eight marathon training tips for the prospective runner:

  1. Get a checkup. Ask your doctor if your heart can handle the stress of a marathon.

  2. Create a marathon training plan at least four months before the race.

  3. Pace yourself. Figure out how far and fast you should run.

  4. Find shoes that fit your feet, gait and body type.

  5. Take a break. If you’re feeling achy or worn out, take the day off.

  6. Make sure you drink extra fluids throughout your training.

  7. Join a running group to stay motivated and learn practical advice.

  8. Learn how to distinguish minor strains from serious injuries.

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