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Only you are aware of the choices you have made to make the most of your life. Your health choices should not be controlled by others, and only you should be rewarded for taking ownership of your health.


This is the goal of Know Your Health. We have created a platform where you can see the implications of your health choices. We need to understand the implications of our actions in order to facilitate positive change.


Know Your Life allows you to select your personal health measurements and see their implications on your life expectancy. Your Life Expectancy is how many years you are expected to live, based on the probability of living to each future possible year of your life. Our health choices influence your day to day energy levels, but they also compound over many years. The combined effect will cause you to live longer or shorter than that of the average person. By making positive changes compared to the average, you will be rewarded in every future year of your life.


The six factors shown are important factors that are in your control to change. Each of the key factors can be adjusted separately to allow you to determine the impact of each. You can also see the future benefit of taking ownership and improving a part of your health by changing individual factors to potential future values.


Ultimately, nobody knows how long or well you are going to live, but Know Your Health allows you to choose how to live your best life.


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi

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